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Hello and welcome to my Engineering Log. My name is Ahmad Rana, and I am an inventor. I work as an engineer at Houston, TX based oilfield services technology company. I'm also a consultant and on the adjunct faculty of a university.

I have a BS in electrical engineering (electronics and communication), a masters in systems engineering (nuclear instrumentation and control) and a PhD in Robotics. I also have extensive experience in embedded development, both software and hardware.

In these pages, I will log different projects that I have done, along with my brother Sal. These are not my commercial projects, but my hobby level projects, and done for fun, so they are intentionally kept non-professional. I had a webpage for my hobby projects, but unfortunately, it was hosted on a free website, and was wiped out. Since it was free, no backup was kept. I therefore lost the log, and am starting it again. Since my expertise is in hardware and embedded development, the PC user-end development is almost always done by Sal.

I have also provided links to short talks on embedded systems. These talks are not comprehensive, but rather are supposed to provide quick introduction to different topics in embedded development, both hardware and software. I'll keep on adding the talks. Currently, I have a list of talks that I have planned. If I have time, I will also add tutorials on embedded development. I welcome any sort of feedback, including suggestions on topics that might be of interest to you.